Grass-Fed and Finished Beef Organs & Bones

Cutprice per pound
Ox Tail-sliced $8.00
Liver-sliced approx 1 to 1.5 lb pkgs $5.00
Tongue-whole $6.00
Heart-sliced; whole available as special order item $6.00
Kidney-whole $6.00
Raw Fat (aka Suet or Kidney Fat) 2-5 lbs per pkg $5.00
Marrow Bones 2-5 lbs per pkg-center sections of hind leg bones* $6.00
Leg Bones- 2-5 lbs per pkg- front leg bones and end segments of hind leg bones* $6.00
Neck Bones 4-5 lbs per pkg* $6.00

*Demand for bone segments is often surpasing supply.  Delays of up to several months possible on these orders.