There are many options for utilizing each muscle group in a side of beef. 

* Items we would chose for maximum diversity, and mix of roasts and steaks, and to minimize burger.

Primal (Muscle Group)

Cutting Options

Alternate Cutting Options

Loin - Strip Loin & Tenderloin

Boneless options: *New York Steaks, *Tenderloin Steaks, Tenderloin Roasts

Bone-in option: T-bone steaks (will be some essentially bone-in NY steaks when the tenderloin tapers away, which will be labeled as T-bones)
Rib Boneless options: *Rib Eye steaks or boneless rib eye roasts Bone-in options:Bone-in Rib Steaks, or Bone-in Standing Rib Roasts (aka Prime Rib Roast)
  *Bone-in Short Ribs Grind Meat
  *Back Ribs (portion not included with bone-in steaks or roasts) Grind Meat
Plate *Flank Steak Grind Meat
  *Skirt Steak Grind Meat
  Whole or Half *Brisket Roasts (Normally well trimmed unless specified to leave fat on) Cube Steak or Grind
  *Cube Steak (Mechanically tenderized) Grind Meat
  *Boneless Short Ribs (country style ribs) Grind Meat
Sirloin *Top Sirloin Steaks *Top Sirloin Roast
  *Petite Sirloin Steaks (aka Sirloin Tip Stks) *Sirloin Tip Roasts
Round (Hind Leg) *Eye of Round Roasts-whole or half Grind Meat
  *Tri(angular) Tip Roast Cut into additional cubes/strips of lean steak or Grind Meat
  *London Broil Roasts Round Steak
  Rump Roasts *Cut into additional cubes/strips of lean steak or Grind Meat
  *Meaty Soup Bones (aka cross-cut beef shanks) Grind Meat
Chuck (Shoulder) *Boneless Chuck Roasts or Bone-in Chuck Roast (7-bone Roasts) Cut into braising steaks 
  *Flat Iron Steaks Include in roasts
  *Ranch Steak Include in roasts
Ground Beef  *90% lean 85% lean