Beef Sausages-Packed in Hog Casing


Packaged 4 links per pkg, approx 1 lb per package   $9 per lb

All of our sausages are made from our meat with no added pork or other fillers. They are sold frozen because they are made with no nitrates or other preservatives.

All of our sausages are made by hand in an artisinal sausage making shop in Mackay, Idaho. Our sausages have a fat content of 20% or less, which is much leaner than most commercially available sausages. Due to the leaness of the sausages, it is often advisable to add oil or water when frying or steaming the sausages. They are also great grilled!

Commonly Available Flavors:

  • Andouille - Garlic, pepper, crushed red chilies, cayenne, mace, thyme, cloves, savory and allspice give this sausage a hot Louisiana taste. Great in jambalaya, chili or gumbo.
  • Bratwurst - Our Bratwurst has a delicious blend of black & white pepper, nutmeg, ginger & mace.
  • Frankfurter - Taste what a hot dog should taste like!
  • Sweet Italian - Italian spices with extra fennel (6 times the mild or hot Italian) to make it taste spectacular.
  • Polish Kielbalsa - Polish sausage at its best. Pepper, garlic, marjoram and non-fat dried milk combine to bring you a great Polish sausage.