Comments from our Customers



Just a note to let you know we tried a leg and some of the chops on Sunday night. I consider myself a lamb expert because it was always served in my mom and dad's home growing up. We're all big fans of it. That being said, our family (my mom and dad included) are in agreement that what we enjoyed from Lau Family Farms is THE BEST we've ever had! It is so tender you could cut it with a fork. I don't know if it is the grass fed or if it was because it was recently harvested but my compliments to you and John for whatever it is you are doing. I don't think I could have given a better gift to my parents and we will for sure be returning for more.  Brooke, Clinton, UT

We just ate your fabulous Lamb & Apple sausages. They were absolutely amazing. I must say they are the best I have ever tasted and better than anything we could ever imagine. The apple combined with the lamb was simply superb. Thank you so much...we love all of your products and enjoy creating new meals with your scrumptious meats.  Leah, Logan

When in Logan on the 8th I purchased some lamb shanks and prepared your braised lamb shank recipe- it turned out just as you described-delicious! Also your merguez lamb sausages were all the rage served with a tunisian stew over farro from Maria Speck's cookbook- Ancient grains for modern meals. Thank you for providing recipes and knowledge to help your customers fully appreciate your fine products.  Michelle, Logan

Wow! That t-bone was the best steak I've ever eaten and the andouille is wonderful in the soup I've made. The tongue made excellent tacos, too. I'm trying to stretch the rest of my order but it probably won't last... I will definitely order again in the future! Stephen, Ogden

I made a great lamb sausage stew/soup for my family last night with your lamb merguez sausage.  I cooked the cut sausage in olive oil with onions, added some white wine to scrape up the brown bits with, and then added in beef broth, white beans, pinto beans and spinach.  I seasoned with pepper and sea salt to taste, and served it with corn bread.  It was the perfect meal for a rainy day.  Linda, SLC

Lau Family Farm produces excellent grass raised and *grass finished* beef and lamb. The taste is excellent and after reading about the differences and health benefits of grass finished beef I went out searching for a local source.
Some companies are jumping on the band wagon and are loudly proclaiming that they are producing animals that are raised on grass. But then they "finish" them on grain to fatten them up. Studies have shown that just a few weeks of this diet changes the animals healthy fat profile from one resembling that of wild game to a fat profile containing an unhealthy balance of omega 3's and 6's. Grains are NOT the natural diet of cows and sheep - they naturally eat grass!
I am very happy to have found Lori Anne and her family farm and buy almost all my meat from them. If they had chicken and eggs I would be able to (hint, hint Lori ;-)
  Dana, SLC

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product.  I made dinner on Monday night with some of the sausage and it was AMAZING!  What a treat for our family.  Erin, Driggs

Thank you for the FINE meat.  Diane, Logan

I’m so glad farms like yours are still around.  Susan, Ogden

We pan-fried some of the cube steaks tonight and they were incredible. I honestly didn't expect such a difference in taste...I feel like I'm tasting beef for the first time!  Shannon, Salt Lake City

We have been enjoying our share. I don't have to worry about where the meat came from or how they animals were treated. You are our family rancher.  Christi, Salt Lake City

These sausages are really fantastic!  Colleen, Logan

BTW, the lamb is AWESOME!!! Best I've ever tasted!  Chuck, Idaho Falls

Just wanted to tell you we had some lamb chops tonight for dinner and they were so wonderfully tender and tasty. Thanks for raising such great lamb!  Laurie, Logan

I wanted to thank you for the delicious lamb sausages---WONDERFUL!!! We will order again from you.  Carol, Ogden

I did want to let you know that the prime rib was fantastic! The best we have ever had, and 10 of us ate the whole thing in one sitting.  Kerry, Ogden

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice on how to use your lovely meat products. I got a ranch steak from you the last time at the Logan market and it was quite delicious prepared the way that you recommended. I consider myself a "reformed" vegetarian and have recently started branching out into grass-fed beef. I never cared for the taste of factoryraised beef (tastes like manure and now I know why!) So, I am really a neophyte at cooking beef other than the occassional steak filet or ground beef. I really enjoy your "newsletter" type emails to let us know what is happening on the farm and with your family and updates on your deliveries, specials and how to prepare different cuts. Please keep them coming!  Dawn, Logan

I bought a leg of lamb from you at the Pocatello Farmers' Market a few weeks back, and we finally thawed and grilled it last night. I butterflied it, as you suggested, cooked half medium to well (for my wife) and the other half medium-rare (for me). I used Jane Brody's 8-minute-per-half-inch-of-meat rule, and added about six minutes for the more well-done part. We used a simple marinade of red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary, and I basted the pieces throughout the cooking process. It was our most successful lamb grilling ever. Thanks for what you guys do!  Geofrey, Pocatello

Lori Anne and family, my own family just went home to England stuffed with your lamb and beef, and singing your praises all the way across the Atlantic! It made me so happy to be able to feed them on good, real meat grown right here in the inter-mountain West. Thank you, thank you.  Patricia, Salt Lake City

We made beef stew after picking up our order – and it was scrumptious. We’re looking forward to a year of healthy meat. Thanks again for the care you put into raising your beeves!  Jeanne, Logan

I've been buying your products for several years now, and wanted to compliment you on your wonderful products and wonderful ethic.  Robert, Logan

Just a quick follow up to our short conversation yesterday...I made another package of your lamb chops for dinner last night. It was the first time my husband has had your lamb. He was so impressed with the flavor. The lamb went very well with the Bordeaux we had too! This is the first time my husband has had grass fed lamb....we do eat a lot of grass fed beef and now are converts to grass fed flavorful. Thank you!  Jane, Salt Lake City

I LOVE all of the sausage that I've purchased!!! I am trying the Grecian tonight.  Susan, Logan

We had some lamb chops Friday night--DELICIOUS.  Deborah, Pocatello

I wanted you to know how much we’ve enjoyed the beef as well as the lamb racks. There is something to be said for grass-fed animals! We loved the tri-tip which I finally fixed as a grilled teriyaki dish and the rib eye steak was wonderful. So I will get more of those the next time you come to town I hope!  Carol, Salt Lake City

Wow. We finally got to cook the steaks and the flank steak last week and they were delicious! It was definitely one of the best steaks I've ever had. So, I was thrilled to see you are coming back through Salt Lake next week.  Katherine, Salt Lake City

The beef was fantastic. Can't wait to try some other cuts.  Jason, Salt Lake City

I had your ground beef in the lasagna they made for the Focusing on Cache Conference today. Yummy!  Susan, Logan

Hi Lori Anne - I just wanted to thank you for all the bother you went to for us - you guys are awesome and we look forward to having the opportunity to do this again sometime.  Kennard, Salt Lake City

We are enjoying the sausage very much, yum.  Penny, Logan

My mom buys your meat from Sweet Pea's in Logan. I'm glad she told me about your business. It's nice to know there's safer meat for my family and happier cows.  Sara, Syracuse

As I read of the recent beef recall and watch the horrrible videos of the cow mistreatment, I think to myself thank you for the Lau Family. Thank you for your hard work to provide wonderful meat. Thank you for all you do!  Crystal, Logan

I just wanted to say that the meat I bought from you was the best I’ve ever tasted! I also talked to my Mom and her husband and we may be interested in buying a ¼ or ½ carcass, so I’ll keep you posted. I was really excited about how good my New York strip steak was (topped with a butter herb sauce), but I was COMPLETELY SOLD about getting my meat from you after checking out your web site. It’s so refreshing to find a family run company like yours that’s committed to quality meat, locally produced and conscious of land management. Perfect mix!Thanks again for being so helpful and I’d love to know when you are back in SLC as I NEED to get some more stuff from you. I’m going to send a mass email to all my friends (who have already begun inquiring about my amazing steak… we’re kind of food geeks) and let them know when you’ll be back in SLC.  Brandon, SLC