Recommended Methods for Preparing Lamb Cuts


    Loin Chops - grill, broil or panfry 
    Rib Chops - grill, broil or panfry 
    Shoulder Chops - grill, broil or panfry or braise
    Leg Steaks - grill, broil or panfry or braise


    Rack of Lamb - oven roast, or grill over indirect heat
    Boneless Leg of Lamb - oven roast (customer recommended recipe), butterfly and grill/broil, cube up for kabobs or braise for lean, tender stews etc.
    Bone-in Shoulder Roast (sliced) - oven roast then cut into chops and serve
    Boneless Shoulder Roast - oven roast, grill over indirect heat, or braise (recipe suggestion)

    Miscellaneous cuts:

    Lamb Shanks (whole or sliced) - braise (recipe suggestion)
    Lamb Riblets - steam or bake (recipe suggestion) or grill
    Whole Lamb Ribs - steam (recipe suggestion) or bake or grill
    Lamb Stew Cubes - braise (customer recommended recipe)
    Lamb Kabob Cubes - grill, broil or pan-fry 
    Ground Lamb - cook similarly to ground beef  (customer recommended recipe)
    Lamb Neck Slices - braise long and slow to increase tenderness