Moonlight (aka Mooney)

Moonlight was born in 2006, as a triplet to one of our ewes.  Since her mother didn't have enough milk for three babies we bottle raised her, as a "bummer" lamb.  Tommy got the honor of naming her.

In early August our son, Tommy, took Mooney to our county fair as a "clover bud lamb".  She sure stood out in the show ring beside all market lambs.  She even went into the pet show part of the fair where she won softest, most unusual and reserve champion "pet".

All this contact with people has made Mooney more friendly than most of our sheep.  She has had several sets of twins over the last few years and is a good mother.   Mooney's fleece is often a bit more full of vegetable matter because she is a "greedy little pig"!  The fiber itself is about average for our flock.