Meadow Made Fibers

Each Spring we give our ewes their annual haircut.  Many of our shorn fleeces are sold to the Utah Wool Marketing Association, which then sells the wool to the large scale wool processors world wide.  We seperate some of our top quality fleeces and take them to Spinderella's Creations in Salt Lake City, Utah to be processed.  Jim and Lynn handwash our fleeces (without harsh acids to remove the vegetable matter), and then card (combing) and spin the fiber into the type of yarn we request. 

We have a handful of colored ewes which give us beautiful naturally colored fleeces.  We have shades from deep brown to grey to oatmeal, as well as natural white-cream.  You can see the ewes themselves on the Our Wooly Ladies pages.  You can learn more about the breeds we raise on this page.

2010 naturally colored fleeces

Darky, Vicki, Spot, Amber/Jenna, white ewe, Shooter, white ewe

The majority of our wool is spun to be 2 ply worsted weight yarn (approximately 800-900 yards/lb).  From time to time we have had some finer yarns made as well-we currenly have some sport and some fingering weight yarns.

In 2010 Lori Anne learned how to dye our yarns to make a wide variety of new color palates.  Lori Anne, and daughter Becca, usually dyes 1-2 lbs of yarn per batch, so there are only 8 to 16 skeins in each dye lot.  We enjoy hand painting the skeins which makes each skein, of each batch, its own work of art.  We use industrial grade dyes to make our work both wash and light fast.