Whole or Half Lamb Purchasing Information

Half of a Grass-Fed Lamb - paper wrapped $6.00 per hanging lb
Whole Grass-Fed Lamb - paper wrapped $6.00 per hanging lb

In 2019 we expect to begin delivering whole or half lamb orders in approximately January  Orders are filled in the order the deposits were received.  Order early for the earliest delivery dates.

Many customers are initially confused by the price that is quoted being based on the carcass hanging weight and not on the yield weight. We would expect your meat to come from an animal that weighs in the neighborhood of 60-70 lbs. A 70 lb lamb carcass typically yields roughly 40 lbs of cuts of meat.

Your price would be the actual hanging carcass weight, divided by 2 for a half lamb order, multiplied by $6 per lb. If your animal was 70 lbs even your price would be $420 plus tax ($210 plus tax for a half lamb order). Our animals typically yield (cuts you take home vs. hanging weight) between 55% to 60% of their carcass wt, with an average of 58%.

Both whole and half lamb orders are eligible for custom cutting.  The form we use to communicate your wishes with our butcher is here.

We ask for a $50 deposit for a whole lamb, $25 deposit for a half lamb, with the remainder due at the time of delivery.