Our free-ranging animals spend their lives enjoying high mountain grassy valleys, fresh water, and clean air in Southeastern Idaho.  In winter they are fed a variety of delicious hay, most of it grown on our farm. These include: alfalfa, sainfoin and grass mixtures.

We are proud that our animals are never given hormone implants, or fed antibiotics. Our grass-fed animals are raised in a low stress environment, keeping them naturally healthy.  For example, we calve and lamb once a year in the spring, as nature intended. Our young animals, less stressed by the spring weather, rarely get sick. The rare animal that requires antibiotic treatment for health reasons is removed from the program. This ensures a better, healthier end product to you the consumer!

Our animals, processed when they are in top condition, provide you with the best quality meat possible. The meat is dry aged the Old World way to promote tenderness and enhance flavor. Our animals are processed at a U.S.D.A. inspected plant, ensuring a wholesome and quality product.